The Basic Golden Rules of Trading ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Always be a disciplined trader. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Never trade on news or rumors, always follow the levels, remember, news does not make levels, it just triggers levels. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Never ever enter a trade where the risk to reward ratio is less than 1:4. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Never get panicked or exited by the happenings on the screen, stick to the levels and stop loss, else you’ll always end up loser. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------80-20 rule→Always remember 80% of the profit from trading will come only from 20% of your trades. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Be consistent and systemic→A trader has to be systemic and consistent in his trading. Only a consistent trader can make most out of the available opportunities. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------No prediction→One can never know in advance which of his trade will end in a loss or profit. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Follow the trend→Always follow the trend. Follow the price and never ever expect market to follow you. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Big profits & losses (a part of trading)→Hold your profit making trade till your trailing stop loss hit. Same way, Enter in your trade with proper stop loss and close your trade when ever your stop loss hits.------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------

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30 October 2012

Please note that this information for Commodities trading :

Please note that this information for Commodities trading :

Now coming to the Trading, There are many scripts in Commodities
1. Aluminum.
2. BrCrudeOil
3. Copper.
4. Crude Oil.
5. Gold.
6. Lead.
7. NaturalGas.
8. Nickel.
9. Silver.
10. Zinc.... etc.

I know some tips to do this trading.
Many traders are doing so many mistakes in doing trading.
How to earn money in trading, why the traders are loosing the money in trading.
Here are the tips.

Once start doing trading in commodities, the traders has not to sit before trading terminal continuously.

Once order placed, it should be carefully placed after reading many articles in trading websites, getting recommendations from famous trading brokers etc, once order placed then it should not be again and again modified.

If you would like to buy Gold (Approximately brokerage companies collecting Rs.1,25,000/-) (For intraday some companies collecting only Rs.20,000/-) etc, your account must have atleast Rs.10,00,000/- and more, then you will be save.
Otherwise you may be in risk and getting tension.
You can play with approximately 20% only of your deposited money, if you crossed more than 50% of your deposited money, then it may be a chance in getting risk, if you are doing trading only with 15% of your deposited money then you will be in safer side.

Stop loss technique is safe for traders.
It is better to exit from the positions once your trading crossed your stop loss.
If you placed the stop loss order, it will automatically exits from the positions.
For example : if you buy GOLD for a price of Rs.31,000/- and you are expecting the price of Rs.32,000/-, your profit points are 1,000 points and you will get Rs.1,00,000/-, each big lot is Rs.100/- value.
That means one point raise means Rs.100/- raised.
You may fix the stop loss for this trade is Rs.30,850/- or Rs.30,750/- etc.
If you did not placed the stop loss order, then what happens, if gold raised to above 32000 then no problem, or it may reversal to Rs.29,000/- you may loose almost 1000 points.
It means you may loose Rs.1,00,000 /-. Instead of getting one lac loss, it is better to fix for only 15,000 or 25,000 rupees only.
That is why stop loss technique is suggested for traders.

Getting too many recommendations or suggestions from many recommendation companies or persons is wrong method.
You may depend only on one recommendation company or person, so there is no any confused and you will be relaxed, otherwise you may stick to only one order placement, if you are again and again modify the order and finally getting loss from this situation, every thing may be out of your control.
This leads to only losses.

If you have sufficient funds then immediately made payouts of your profit amounts in this trading. Don't wait for any long capitals.

Hedging is also one of the best option in this trading.
But it should be placed with only one expert or best trading consultant recommendation, otherwise you may be in spider net.

Who are too speed and hurry in this market, they may be looser, who done the trading with slow and steady then there is a biggest chances to get profits here.

Trading breakouts in commodities means that a trader will look to buy a commodity as it reaches new highs and sell a commodity as it shades to new lows.
Reaching new highs and lows can easily be located or spotted on that specific commodity chart, as they are the peaks and troughs.
Expert professional traders use these techniques when they are managing with large sums of money.
The philosophy for this strategy is simple – a market can’t continue its trend without making new highs or new lows.
This strategy works best when commodities are trending strongly.
It doesn’t matter whether the trend is up or down, as you are buying new highs and selling(shorting) new lows.
The drawback of this strategy is that it performs very poorly when markets don’t establish strong trends.

Many traders in this market thought that why our orders are moving against to our targets.
That is market.
It never moves as per your view.
The whole world is expecting one commodity to reach to the topper positions, but it is not guarantee when coming to the market, it may go as per its own way.
Suddenly market may collapses or suddenly it may jump.
Be prepare for every thing.

Clean your hands every day (exit from all positions daily) this is also safe trading.
Only some times that to you have 100% guarantee that any script may reach to top levels in next day, then hold it otherwise exit and wait for fresh call or trade.

This is official gambling.
Please have a look on some rich people, though they have knowledge on this markets and trading and commodities but they are not entering into this market, why ?

Loosing your hard earned money in trading is a useless thing, you may start another good and safe business then your capital funds will be with you only.
Entering into this trading is not so easy.
Every body is having their own strategies, they why they are not getting profits finally.
In middle, some may earn huge profits and they are looking for some more new highs, finally loosing all their sudden profits.
Fix your profits, what is your exact margin of profit, what is your idea, when you reach to your profit line, then immediately exit from positions, don't look for further profits, market may suddenly move against to your idea.
The technique of exit is also a great standard capacity power of a trader.

All these points are given here only once you are sticky to do trading, otherwise our sincere and best recommendation is don't enter into this trading.
It is a dangerous and spoil your hardship and hard earned money.
Think on your children, if you commit any mistake, what about their future.
Believe it or not, some traders are loosing lacs of rupees in this market and they never bother, but if coming to their family or domestic expenditures they are counting rupees and not interested for paying money to their wife or children.
In some cases the traders are unnecessary raising their voice on their family members and some times they beaten their children for simple things, it is due to their failures in trading or wrong positions.