The Basic Golden Rules of Trading ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Always be a disciplined trader. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Never trade on news or rumors, always follow the levels, remember, news does not make levels, it just triggers levels. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Never ever enter a trade where the risk to reward ratio is less than 1:4. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Never get panicked or exited by the happenings on the screen, stick to the levels and stop loss, else you’ll always end up loser. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------80-20 rule→Always remember 80% of the profit from trading will come only from 20% of your trades. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Be consistent and systemic→A trader has to be systemic and consistent in his trading. Only a consistent trader can make most out of the available opportunities. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------No prediction→One can never know in advance which of his trade will end in a loss or profit. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Follow the trend→Always follow the trend. Follow the price and never ever expect market to follow you. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------Big profits & losses (a part of trading)→Hold your profit making trade till your trailing stop loss hit. Same way, Enter in your trade with proper stop loss and close your trade when ever your stop loss hits.------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------

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31 August 2013

देश मे दवाई (मेडिसिन) पर कितनी लूट मचा रखी हे... इसकी जानकारी... कॅप्सुल के बारे मे

देश मे दवाई (मेडिसिन) पर कितनी लूट मचा रखी हे... इसकी जानकारी...  कॅप्सुल के बारे मे

05 July 2013

CRUDE-OIL - Positional Call

Free Call
with strtictly stop-loss
CRUDE-OIL - Positional Call
if come near 6300 then Short
Sell near 6300 with Stop-Loss 6355 for target 4750 / 4500 in coming day's

15 April 2013

सावधान... एक षड्यंत्र.... जिसके शिकार आप भी हो सकते हैं....

एक षड्यंत्र....
जिसके शिकार आप भी हो सकते हैं.... advice in Facebook on date: 05March2013

Tsunami in MCX Gold & Silver till low G-26250 G$-1385.55 and S-43525 S$-22.98

No limit for up and downside... all limit in hand of Gods... 
if u want go up side then pray.. but i prefer down side... !!!!!!

11 January 2013

Boisar project - Royal Garden

Dear All,
Please find below the plan of
Boisar project - Royal Garden
Moving to a New World.... !!!!

Spread across in 10 acre of land, Royal Garden has 12 buildings (G+4) with all modern amenities.
The project is surrounded by lush greenery so you have a peaceful living.

Each home at Royal Garden is designed as per vaastu norms and proper space utilization.

For more details contact:
Lalit Jain
Mob. No: 9004115858
 Email id:

For more details contact:
Lalit Jain
Mob. No: 9004115858
 Email id:

01 January 2013

Dabba trading is illegal in India....

DABBA trading is illegal in India.
Commodity includes MCX, NCDEX, MCX-SX, BSE and NSE.

The first difference is that Dabba trading is Illegal & the other is Legal. 
Decide whether you want to go ahead with something illegal or be safe & trade legally. 

Anything illegal will always have dangerous repercussions. 

Till the time you loose money, they will always be present at your doorstep to recover their money. 
But if & ever you are in profits, what is the surety that they will pay you back? 
These operations are generally carried out by muscle men who are difficult to fight with, for your money & you do not have an option to file a legal complaint to recover your your illegally earned money. 

Apart from this, you can also be prosecuted for engaging in an illegal activity.